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General Industrial

General Industrial


The DELTA KHV valve is a single-seat ball valve for non-hygienic applications, e.g. steam or glycol applications. It is a cost effective alternative to the standard APV hygienic valves..Due to the use of high-quality stainless steel and suitable seal materials which comply with the respective requirements, the KHV (venturi) and KHI (integral) ball valves are used in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.As the ball valve possesses dead spaces which cannot be cleaned, in food processing applications it should be used only in CIP areas or in utility lines (water, steam, glycol)!Two different valve designs:


The APV DELTA DA3+ is a modern, ultra-hygienic double seat mixproof valve with seat lift function, designed to meet the challenging demands of hygienic processing.The valve is the result of continued development and improvement of its preceding models and has proven its reliability in many different applications for many years. One of its features is that after upper or lower seat lifting during CIP pipeline cleaning, spraying of the leakage chamber is not imperative due to the efficient cleaning of the leakage chamber being carried out by the seat lift function.


When designing this valve, great emphasis was given to facilitating valve handling, installation and maintenance. Its hygienic design makes it ideal for applications in the dairy, beverage and brewing industries as well as in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.More features and advantages:


APV DELTA SV1 / SVS1F Butterfly ValvesThe APV DELTA butterfly valves from SPX FLOW are stop valves which can be actuated either manually or pneumatically. The valves are very robust and reliable and the space saving design makes them ideal for nearly all applications - a flexible valve which is very easy to install and to service.Advantages


The APV model V² Centrifugal Pump is a simplified and maintenance-friendly centrifugal pump featuring a four-blade, fully open, non-clog impeller.Engineered for CIP cleaning, and offering a choice of five seal types, the V² pump meets 3A sanitary standards and is suitable for applications in the food, dairy, beverage, brewing, bakery, meat, pharmaceutical and chemical industries.The back plate is machined from heavy 316 stainless steel plate; the casing has controlled wall thickness and dimensional accuracy throughout; and a clamping assembly uses investment cast clamp rings with a self-locking internal angle for optimum sealing between casing and back plate.

Graco EcoQuip EQ100M Vapour Blasting Unit

Graco EcoQuip 100M
Graco EcoQuip 100M

The EcoQuip EQ100M vapour blasting unit, complete with Galvanised blast pot, Stainless steel control panel, plumbing and components along with a 10-Gallon UV protected poly water tank

  • Holds over 100Kg of abrasive
  • Fully Portable with slide rails
  • Uses 185CFM- 350 CFM compressor depending on the level of blast
  • Utilises any abrasive heavier than water
  • Ships complete with blast hose and nozzle

Hydraulic Submersible 3" Semi-Trash Pumps

The SPTS3TR model is designed for difficult pumping jobs where stringy solids are present.A fully recessed vortex impeller allows this pump to handle difficult solids found in sewage applications.It has the ability to pass through a 12 inch opening and continue to pump in debris laden job sites.

Unibloc Strainers

Unibloc Y-Strainers combine sanitary design with functionality resulting in an easy to use, easy to clean strainer.Features such as bi-directional flow and the strainer’s ability to mount in 360 degrees enables endless versatility.Composed of only three parts, the simple design ensures hassle free cleaning.Our new High Capacity Series allow for higher flow-rates, viscous products, and more efficient straining.Unibloc offers the widest selection of quality sanitary strainers on the market.

Unibloc - PD Lobe Pumps

The Unibloc-PD rotary lobe pump has set the industry standard for high performance sanitary pumps.With the fully machined gearbox at its core, the Unibloc-PD’s compact design offers a solid foundation for reliability and durability in the field.Available in multiple sizes, the Unibloc-PD provides solutions for a wide range of demanding applications.The precision-engineered components deliver smooth, low shear performance while maintaining product integrity.Our signature seamless design and crevice free pump interior form the cleanest CIP/SIP capable pump in the industry

Valves for Drilling and Production

Manual and HydraulicPressures up to 15,000 PSI for Various SizesMeets or Exceeds API 6A Standards & NACE MR-01-75Internal Parts Interchangeable with OEM

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