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Graco EcoQuip EQ100M Vapour Blasting Unit

Graco EcoQuip 100M
Graco EcoQuip 100M

The EcoQuip EQ100M vapour blasting unit, complete with Galvanised blast pot, Stainless steel control panel, plumbing and components along with a 10-Gallon UV protected poly water tank

  • Holds over 100Kg of abrasive
  • Fully Portable with slide rails
  • Uses 185CFM- 350 CFM compressor depending on the level of blast
  • Utilises any abrasive heavier than water
  • Ships complete with blast hose and nozzle

Yanmar Air Cooled Diesel Pumps (YDP Series)

A Wide Option

Yanmar's pump series range in bore size from 2" to 4" for fresh water and semi-trash models.
This series of pumps can handle fresh water and gravel/trash water.

Fuel-efficient diesel pumps can be operated 1.5-4 times longer than gasoline pumps.
This advantage truly shows in night time and other continuous pumping operation at sites where no commercial power is available.
Cleaning the inside of the casing can be done simply by just removing a few bolts.
With trash pumps, the casing cover and the inner casing come in one block, so separation and fitting is very easy.

Grundfos Alpha 2 Domestic Circulator Pumps

Alpha 2 and Magna
Alpha 2 and Magna

Grundfos Alpha 2 Domestic Circulator range of pumps is available from Superior Pump Technologies 

Grundfos MQ compact water supply system

MQ is a compact water supply system designed for domestic, agricultural and horticultural applications.ApplicationsThe MQ pump is designed for water supply and pressure boosting

  • in private homes
  • in summer houses and weekend cottages
  • on farms
  • in market gardens and other large gardens.

The pump is suitable for pumping of potable water and rainwater.

Tekna Range of SEKO Dosing Pumps

Tekna Seko pump
Tekna Seko pump

The innovative TEKNA series electromagnetic metering pumps with digital drive is a result of SEKO’s 25 years of working closely with our world-wide customers. These multifunctional metering pumps maintain the high reliability that is synonymous with SEKO quality. All TEKNA series have IP 65 rated enclosure made of Polypropilene reinforced with glass fiber. This allows the pumps to be water and impact resistant and corrosion free.

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