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Waukesha Pumps in Action - Sweeteners and Bulk Food Transport

Waukesha Cherry Burrell Brand - Model 130 Universal 1 SeriesIndustry:Sweeteners and Bulk Food TransportProblem:Rotor timing and shaft failures on lobe style pumpsSolution:After repetitive rotor timing and shaft seal failures on lobe style sanitary pumps, a Midwest transport company specializing in hauling liquid sugars, corn syrups, sweeteners, and citrus concentrates converted to Waukesha Brand Model 130 Universal 1 Series rotary pumps.The External Circumferential Piston (“ECP”) style rotors with larger crossover clearances and higher efficiencies were able to stand up to the high starting torques delivered by the truck’s power-take-off transmission and eliminate their pumping problems. The availability of the pump’s simple, economical single O-ring shaft seals provided a good alternative to the more expensive and sensitive mechanical seals offered on the competitive pumps.These features, along with the internal by-pass relief cover, resulted in trouble-free operation of the Model 130 pump.

Bulk Food Transport
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