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Waukesha Pumps in Action - Farm Waste Water

Pump:Waukesha Cherry-Burrell Brand – Model 060 Universal 2 SeriesIndustry:Dirty water with 5% solids. Solids typically found in the water were organic and compressible (no rocks or metals).Problem:The customer needed to meter the dirty waste water. During the process, the originally installed progressive cavity (PC) pumps would often run dry, causing the stator and rotor to fail.Solution:The customer replaced their PC pumps with WCB positive displacement (PD) pumps due to their ability to handle solid particulates and run dry conditions (Note: to accommodate this type of process a flush seal was required).WCB Universal 2 Series pumps with External Circumferential Piston (“ECP”) style rotors with larger crossover clearances and higher efficiencies were able to pump the solids without issue. Another benefit the pumps provided was a reduction in the amount of slip through the pump, thus improving process efficiency, reducing the required horsepower, and substantially reducing the ambient noise; all contributing to an improved work environment.Availability of the Tru-Fit pump design helped to reduce the initial pump cost and saved valuable manufacturing floor space. The Tru-Fit design also removed the customer’s need for additional alignment steps during installation. The combined benefits of the PD pump significantly improved the customer’s total cost of ownership; the reduction in cost was sufficient enough that they justified replacing all of their progressive cavity pumps with WCB Universal 2 Series pumps.  

U2060 TruFit
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