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Waukesha Pumps in Action - Ice Cream Mix

Pump:Waukesha Brand - Model 130 Universal 1 SeriesIndustry:Ice Cream MixProblem:Premature failure of rotors and shaft partsSolution:A large US-based dairy, installed an ice cream mix system using two Waukesha model 130 Universal 1 series pumps; one as a feed pump and the other as a pullout pump for a dry/liquid blender.The plant was interested to reduce the cost of ownership of the rotary lobe pumps from a previously installed system. The pumps used in the original system required complete rotor replacement every 6 months.The External Circumferential Piston (“ECP”) style rotors, with larger crossover clearances and higher efficiency, were able to stand up to the plant’s demanding performance requirements and eliminate their pump downtime. As an added benefit, SPX’s simple, economical single O-ring shaft seals provided an alternative to the more expensive and sensitive mechanical seals offered on the originally installed pumps.

Ice Cream Mix
U1 130
Single O-ring Seal
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