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NEW Hydraulic Submersible 3" Semi-Trash Pumps

The SPTS3TR model is designed for difficult pumping jobs where stringy solids are present.A fully recessed vortex impeller allows this pump to handle difficult solids found in sewage applications.It has the ability to pass through a 12 inch opening and continue to pump in debris laden job sites.

NEW Flexi Shaft Pumps and units

  • Available in 2” or 3”
  • Heavy Duty Cast Iron Volute and cast iron impeller
  • Head up to 21 m
  • Handles solids well
  • Camlock fittings
  • 6m Drive Shafts
  • Lifting eye nut and lifting rope
  • Upgradable to mine site and OHS specs
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NEW Unibloc Compac - Coupled Pump Solutions

Unibloc-Pump is proud to present the revolutionary Compac™ Series of coupled pump solutions. This innovative design delivers a user friendly, simplified pump system. From the unique and straightforward design of the Compac Direct, to the unmatched versatility of the Compac Flex, the Compac Series offers a complete line of sanitary lobe and gear pumps for a wide range of industries and applications.

NEW Unibloc Sightglasses

Unibloc Sight Glasses offer stainless steel construction, electropolished components and fine surface finishes as standard features. Available with glass or acrylic tubes, our Sight Glasses are well suited for the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Food & Beverage, Chemical, and Personal Care industries.

NEW Unibloc Pressure Relief Valves

The Unibloc Pressure Relief Valve utilizes our SimpleSetTM design allowing a fully adjustable pressure range. The straightforward and hygienic design has made this valve the premier choice amongst sanitary pressure relief valves for over 25 years. Fully adjustable with pressures ranging from 5-200 psi, the Unibloc Pressure Relief Valve combines versatility with an easy to operate design.

NEW Unibloc Butterfly Valves

Precision machined from solid stock, the Unibloc Butterfly Valve is designed to meet the demanding applications of the food & beverage, pharmaceutical, and many other sanitary industries.

NEW Unibloc Check Valves

Unibloc Check Valves use a time-tested design to guarantee effective, positive sealing. The fully machined stainless housing and seamless ports further confirms our commitment to sanitary design.

NEW Unibloc Labtop 300-350 Integrated Pump System

The Labtop is Unibloc's patented solution for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Its “plug and go” design is simple and efficient, and has made the Labtop Series the top-selling complete pumping solution for over 20 years. Composed of a Unibloc pump, motor, and controller enclosed in a stainless steel canopy, the Labtop series offers unmatched simplicity and versatility. The compact and highly mobile design is perfect for filtration, chromatography, pilot applications, R&D, and more.

NEW Unibloc Strainers

Unibloc Y-Strainers combine sanitary design with functionality resulting in an easy to use, easy to clean strainer.Features such as bi-directional flow and the strainer’s ability to mount in 360 degrees enables endless versatility.Composed of only three parts, the simple design ensures hassle free cleaning.Our new High Capacity Series allow for higher flow-rates, viscous products, and more efficient straining.Unibloc offers the widest selection of quality sanitary strainers on the market.

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