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NEW Waukesha model 030 universal series pump specification and spare parts listing

Waukesha universal pump
Waukesha universal pump

Model 030-U1 Waukesha pump specifications:

  • Displacement – 0.060 GPR (0.227 LPR)
  • Nominal capacity to 36 GPM (8.2 m3/hr)
  • Port size – 1.5” (2.0” optional)
  • Max pressure – up to 200 PSI (13.8 Bar)
  • Maximum RPM – 600
  • Temperature range - -40 deg. C to 149 deg. C

 SPT keep a wide range of spare parts for Universal 1 and Universal 2 Waukesha pump models in stock for immediate delivery. Features of Universal 1 series pumps are listed below.

NEW Superior Pump Technologies have been appointed an official SPX distributor specialising in Waukesha Cherry-Burrell products

Superior Pump Technologies have been appointed an official Australian SPX distributor specialising in Waukesha Cherry-Burrell products.Waukesha customers will benefit from large stock of genuine spare parts and complete pumps (Universal 1 and Universal 2 models).Our Waukesha Cherry-Burrell product offering includes:- Waukesha Universal series pumps and spare parts- Waukesha Universal 2 series pump and spare parts- Waukesha C-series centrifugal pumps- Waukesha Universal Lobe series- Waukesha Rectangular Flange Models (Universal 1 and Universal 2)- Waukesha Universal 2 Pulp and Paper Pumps- Waukesha 5000 Series Industrial Pumps- Waukesha Universal 2 series Bio-Pharmaceutical Pumps

Superior Pump Technologies
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NEW WECO Cementing and Circulating Hoses


Sizes 1-3"
Pressure 6,000 to 15,000 psi
Threaded and integral versions available
Sour gas version available

NEW WECO Pup Joints

WECO Pup Joint
WECO Pup Joint

FMC Technologies offers the smallest, lightest integral forged fittings on the market. To minimize the size and weight of each fitting, engineers performed a finite element stress analysis on each fitting body design. From these results, the geometry was optimized for weight, and forgings were developed for each size and type of fitting. The fittings were then subjected to laboratory and field testing. The result: You save weight and space without sacrificing service life or safety.

NEW WECO Integral Fittings


Weco fittings and pup joints have been optimized for minimum weight and size.

These rugged products are ideal for handling a complete range of standard and sour gas well servicing fluids at pressures up to 20,000 psi.

Available in 1 to 4-inch sizes, both fittings and pups feature forged construction with integral Weco wing union ends for a high strength, high-integrity connection every time.

Weco pups and fittings come with full material traceability and can be supplied with Charpy impact values.

Like all pressure containing products, Weco pups and fittings require special handling (see inside back cover of the attached brochure for Warnings and Cautions).

NEW WECO Hammerless Unions

WECO Hammerless Union
WECO Hammerless Union

The Hammerless union is the next generation of union products targeted at eliminating the use of sledge hammer in making up high pressure temporary flowline connections in the field.

This product was inspired by the desire for improved safety through the elimination of hammer related injuries.

Anticipated applications for the Hammerless union is well service temporary flow lines, with particular attention toward applications in fracturing, stimulation, cementing, and pipelines operations.

However, any area in which space is constrained or swinging a hammer is dangerous, this product is a probable fit.

NEW WECO Wing Unions

WECO Wing Union
WECO Wing Union

Weco wing unions are the most complete line of standard and sour-gas service pipe connectors in
the world.

Available in 1 to 12-inch nominal pipe sizes with cold working pressures up to 20,000 psi, Weco wing unions are manufactured using the finest raw materials, tooling procedures, and heat-treating techniques available.

Materials meet ASME and AISI standards.

Each union is carefully inspected to ensure long, dependable service in the most extreme conditions.

Like allpressure containing products, Weco wing unions require special handling (see inside back cover of the attached brochure for Warnings and Cautions).

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NEW WECO Pressure Relief Valves

WECO Pressure Relief Valve
WECO Pressure Relief Valve

Recommended service -
Over pressure protection for pumps, treating lines, and pressure vessels.

Note: The FMC Technologies valve is not considered a full flow relief valve; therefore, its main function is a tattletale which indicates the set pressure has been reached. To keep the pressure from continuing to increase, other measures must be taken.

NEW WECO Plug Valves

WECO Plug Valve
WECO Plug Valve

Weco ULT and DR plug valves are premium, quarter-turn valves designed for a wide range of standard and sour gas drilling, production, and well-servicing applications.

These rugged valves are offered in single and dual-body designs in pressures to 20,000 psi. They range in size from 1 to 4-inches and come with threaded, Weco wing union, flanged, and clamp hub ends.

Consult factory for configurations.

Like all pressure containing products, Weco plug valves require special handling (see inside back cover of the attached brochure for Warnings and Cautions).

NEW WECO Choke Throttle Valves

1" WECO Choke Valve
1" WECO Choke Valve

The best attributes of a ported cage choke and a plug valve are combined in FMC’s flowline choke valve.

The choke portion of the valve is used to throttle high velocity flows while the plug valve portion of the valve remains full open.

The plug valve portion is protected by the choke from high velocity erosive flow.

Because of the combined use of the two halves of the valve, high velocity erosive flows can be throttled without degrading the positive shutoff performance of the valve. (see inside back cover of the brochure for Warnings and Cautions).

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