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NEW WECO Choke Throttle Valves

1" WECO Choke Valve
1" WECO Choke Valve

The best attributes of a ported cage choke and a plug valve are combined in FMC’s flowline choke valve.

The choke portion of the valve is used to throttle high velocity flows while the plug valve portion of the valve remains full open.

The plug valve portion is protected by the choke from high velocity erosive flow.

Because of the combined use of the two halves of the valve, high velocity erosive flows can be throttled without degrading the positive shutoff performance of the valve. (see inside back cover of the brochure for Warnings and Cautions).

NEW WECO Check Valves

WECO Check Valve
WECO Check Valve

Weco check valves are used to isolate well-servicing equipment from high-pressure treating fluids during fracturing applications.

Offered in three primary models, these rugged valves seal against a complete range of well-servicing fluids at pressures to 20,000 psi.

Valves are available in 1-1/2 to 4-inch bore sizes for standard and reverse flow.

Sour gas models available.

Consult factory for configurations.

Like all pressure containing products, Weco check valves require special handling.

NEW WECO Butterfly Valves

WECO Butterfly Valves
WECO Butterfly Valves

Weco butterfly valves offer the ultimate in dependable, economical flow control.

These field-proven valves are available from stock in 2 through 24-inch sizes and can handle
working pressures up to 175 psi.

For pressure ratings from 176 psi up to 285 psi, consult factory.

Wafer, notched, and lug-type body styles meet requirements for new or existing flowline systems.

Using a variety of materials, valve bodies, discs, stems, and seats can be individually matched to specific operating conditions, including temperature range, type and concentration of fluid, and various flow conditions.

All materials meet ASTM and AISI standards.

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NEW FMC Technologies Chiksan LongSweep and TripleStep Swivels

Chiksan swivel joints deliver significantly longer life, superior performance, and reduced
maintenance. Designed for standards and sour gas services, these world proven fittings
come in 3⁄8 to 12-inch sizes and can handle pressures from vacuum to 20,000 psi. Many
different Chiksan assembly configurations are available.

These styles can be combined in an unlimited variety of ways to suit practically any installation. Available end connections are threaded, integral Weco® wing union, beveled for welding, or flanged.
Like all pressure containing products, Chiksan swivels require special handling.

See attached catalogue for more details.

NEW Turner-Unidrive Range of Industrial Transmissions and Gearboxes


Superior Pump Technologies are an Australian distributor of Turner-Unidrive industrial gearboxes.
These high quality US built multi-speed units cover range of 10-1000 HP with torques up to 40,000 lb-in a(9600 Nm) nd offer the following features:

  • Positive speed selection with thousands of ratio combinations

  • Reversing ratios in all models

  • Carburized and ground gearing

  • Versatility in shaft location

  • Lower cost per output horsepower

  • Helical gearing and gearboxes

  • Manual, pneumatic and electric shifting

  • 2, 3, 4, 6 and 9 speeds all in one industrial gearbox

  • Time tested and industry proven design and manufacturing methods


NEW Silvan Selecta 100L DIESEL POWER UNIT 12V - 40L/MIN

40 lpm

Fitted with a 12-volt diesel pump, delivery hose, and auto shut-off gun.
Code: SQDN100-1
DescriptionThe rugged Selecta Diesel range transfer tanks are available in a range of capacities from 50 litres to 2200 litres, with a range of pump options also available.
ApplicationDiesel Transfer Equipment

NEW 2" Hydraulic Submersible Pumps


We have added hydraulic submersible pumps to our product range and started stocking 2" ductile iron body trash pumps and spare parts for them.
These solids handling pumps come in 2", 3", 4", 6", 8" and 10" and feature the ability to handle stringy solids, variable speed hydraulic drive, great portability due to relatively light weight. Pumps 3" and larger have oil lubricated seals that allow for the pump to run dry.
Our US supplier’s range also includes the following products:

  • 3", 4", 6" hydraulic slurry pumps

    NEW Model SPT435DT W1122BCD Pump Diesel Unit

    Diesel powered high pressure pumping unit designed for continuous duty applications as a “mud pump” for diamond (core) drilling use.
    Pump unit components:

    • FMC Bean model W1122BCD rated 37 US GPM@1000 PSI with ball valves

    • Kubota type D1105, three cylinder, liquid cooled diesel rated 19 continuous, 25 intermittent B.H.P @ 3000 RPM c/w 12V electric start

    • Model 40M43 with integral reduction gear 4 speed to provide pump input speeds of 192, 278, 500 and 833 RPM at 2500 engine RPM

    • 8” Automotive clutch assembly directly connected

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