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NEW Graco Fire-Ball Lubrication Pumps


Graco Fire-Ball Lubrication pumps are available from SPT.
Sizes available:
Mini Fire-Ball 225 (Oil 3:1; Grease 50:1)
Fire-Ball 300 (Oil 5:1; Grease 15:1; 50:1)
Fire-Ball 425 (Oil 3:1; 6:1; 10:1; Grease 50:1; 75:1; 10:1)

NEW Graco LD Series Pumps for Oil and Grease


Stay ahead of the competition with LD Series Pumps.
These affordable and full featured pumps are designed for lower volume applications and are available in 3:1 and 5:1 for oil and 50:1 for grease.
These pumps are fine-tuned for a compact, flexible and still incredibly durable solution.

NEW SPT Type F Mud Pressure Gauge Nutted (Hammer Union)

F nutted
F nutted

This gauge features the following:
- Accurate pressure readings with quick response to pressure changes
- Built-in damping to minimize gauge fluctuations
- Liquid filled gauge minimizes vibration and wear to gauge movement
- Clear lens for easy reading
- Temperature range -45°C to 120°C
- Maximum gauge size is 10" high and 4.785" wide with 3.5" dial

NEW Monitoring Drinking Water with the Invalco HSS 1006

Superior Pump Technologies
Superior Pump Technologies

A small town water purification plant drew it’s water deep from the water channel it abutted. The marina posed concernsof boat traffic releasing diesel and gasoline into the channel. This could potentially work its way into the water intakepipes and to the RO water purification plant. 
Fuels in a drinking water source are a serious issue. Also serious is the affect that oils can have on RO filtrationsystems by clogging the microfilters. 

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NEW Yanmar Air Cooled Diesel Pumps (YDP Series)

A Wide Option

Yanmar's pump series range in bore size from 2" to 4" for fresh water and semi-trash models.
This series of pumps can handle fresh water and gravel/trash water.

Fuel-efficient diesel pumps can be operated 1.5-4 times longer than gasoline pumps.
This advantage truly shows in night time and other continuous pumping operation at sites where no commercial power is available.
Cleaning the inside of the casing can be done simply by just removing a few bolts.
With trash pumps, the casing cover and the inner casing come in one block, so separation and fitting is very easy.

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