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Graco EcoQuip EQ100M Vapour Blasting Unit

Graco EcoQuip 100M
Graco EcoQuip 100M

The EcoQuip EQ100M vapour blasting unit, complete with Galvanised blast pot, Stainless steel control panel, plumbing and components along with a 10-Gallon UV protected poly water tank

  • Holds over 100Kg of abrasive
  • Fully Portable with slide rails
  • Uses 185CFM- 350 CFM compressor depending on the level of blast
  • Utilises any abrasive heavier than water
  • Ships complete with blast hose and nozzle

Unibloc Strainers

Unibloc Y-Strainers combine sanitary design with functionality resulting in an easy to use, easy to clean strainer.Features such as bi-directional flow and the strainer’s ability to mount in 360 degrees enables endless versatility.Composed of only three parts, the simple design ensures hassle free cleaning.Our new High Capacity Series allow for higher flow-rates, viscous products, and more efficient straining.Unibloc offers the widest selection of quality sanitary strainers on the market.

Waukesha model 030 universal series pump specification and spare parts listing

Waukesha universal pump
Waukesha universal pump

Model 030-U1 Waukesha pump specifications:

  • Displacement – 0.060 GPR (0.227 LPR)
  • Nominal capacity to 36 GPM (8.2 m3/hr)
  • Port size – 1.5” (2.0” optional)
  • Max pressure – up to 200 PSI (13.8 Bar)
  • Maximum RPM – 600
  • Temperature range - -40 deg. C to 149 deg. C

 SPT keep a wide range of spare parts for Universal 1 and Universal 2 Waukesha pump models in stock for immediate delivery. Features of Universal 1 series pumps are listed below.

WECO Check Valves

WECO Check Valve
WECO Check Valve

Weco check valves are used to isolate well-servicing equipment from high-pressure treating fluids during fracturing applications.

Offered in three primary models, these rugged valves seal against a complete range of well-servicing fluids at pressures to 20,000 psi.

Valves are available in 1-1/2 to 4-inch bore sizes for standard and reverse flow.

Sour gas models available.

Consult factory for configurations.

Like all pressure containing products, Weco check valves require special handling.

Model SPT435DT W1122BCD Pump Diesel Unit

Diesel powered high pressure pumping unit designed for continuous duty applications as a “mud pump” for diamond (core) drilling use.
Pump unit components:

  • FMC Bean model W1122BCD rated 37 US GPM@1000 PSI with ball valves

  • Kubota type D1105, three cylinder, liquid cooled diesel rated 19 continuous, 25 intermittent B.H.P @ 3000 RPM c/w 12V electric start

  • Model 40M43 with integral reduction gear 4 speed to provide pump input speeds of 192, 278, 500 and 833 RPM at 2500 engine RPM

  • 8” Automotive clutch assembly directly connected

Graco Fire-Ball Lubrication Pumps


Graco Fire-Ball Lubrication pumps are available from SPT.
Sizes available:
Mini Fire-Ball 225 (Oil 3:1; Grease 50:1)
Fire-Ball 300 (Oil 5:1; Grease 15:1; 50:1)
Fire-Ball 425 (Oil 3:1; 6:1; 10:1; Grease 50:1; 75:1; 10:1)

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